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Holden Scientists award funds to organize international conference on plant water transport.


A proposal for a new conference on multiscale plant vascular biology submitted by Arboretum scientist Juliana Medeiros (conference co-chairperson) and collaborators William Pickman (conference chairman, University of New Mexico) and Barbara Lachenbruch (conference vice-chairperson, Oregon State University) has been accepted as a Gordon Research Conference-sponsored meeting. Gordan Research Conferences (GRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for international conferences that cover topics on the frontiers of research in the biological, chemical and physical sciences. GRC meetings are small, fewer than 200 people, but they cover very specific subfields of research and are considered premier conferences for networking and collaboration. Proposals for new conferences are highly competitive, and the GRC Board of Trustees approves only a few new conferences each year. The conference will bring together scientists working at all scales of plant water transport research. The meeting will take place in the summer of 2016 and pending positive outcomes of the conference, it may be promoted to an official biannual Gordan Research Conference. Advances in plant water transport are of critical importance for understanding how plants may respond to global climate change.