Research Facilities

Horticulture Science Center


With more than 15,000 square feet of laboratory, office and greenhouse space, the Horticulture Science Center (HSC) was completed in early 1994 to provide a modern research and greenhouse facility that meets the expanding needs of the organization. Three computer-controlled greenhouses serve the many different climate needs of the plants that are propagated and grown for Holden collections and research. Laboratory faculties accommodate a variety of plant, environmental, biogeochemical, and microbiology analytical capabilities, including:

  • PCR, Q-PCR, and DNA gel imaging

  • Total carbon and nitrogen

  • Greenhouse gas analysis

  • Fluorescent, ultra-violet, and visible spectrophotometry


The David G. Leach Research Station  

The Holden Arboretum’s Leach Research Station is a satellite facility maintained for horticultural research on a 30-acre property, 40 minutes east of Holden’s main campus. The land was a gift to Holden from Dr. David Leach, who developed it as a rhododendron breeding and evaluation garden. Leach was an eminent American horticulturist who became a world authority on the genus Rhododendron, and is renowned for his development and introduction of hardy (zone 5) hybrid rhododendrons for the gardening public. The Leach Station is staffed and equipped to support extensive and diverse display gardens, in addition to large breeding populations and research plots. (more)