Research Staff

Principal Investigators

David J. Burke, PhD Scientist and Chair, plant and microbial ecology 440.602.3858
Stephen L. Krebs, PhD Scientist and Director, David G. Leach Research Station



Juliana S. Medeiros, PhD Scientist, plant ecophysiology 440.602.3819
Katie Stuble, PhD Scientist, community ecology 440.946.4400, ext. 263
Sandra Albro, MS Research Associate, applied urban ecology 216.707.2860

Post Doctoral and Scientific Staff

Charlotte R. Hewins Research Specialist 440.602.3849
Sarah Kyker, PhD Post-Doctoral Scientist 440.946.4400, ext. 266
Jing Wang, MS Research Specialist 440.946.4400, ext. 167
Ryan Mackin Program Administrator 216.707.2876

Adjunct Scientists

Michael Benard, PhD Case Western Reserve University – herpetology and evolutionary ecology
Jean Burns, PhD Case Western Reserve University – community, population and evolutionary ecology
Christopher Blackwood, PhD Kent State University – community and ecosystem ecology
Andrea Case, PhD Kent State University – plant evolutionary ecology and genetics
Mark W. Kershner Kent State University - biological sciences
Jennifer Koch, PhD U. S. Forest Service - research biologist 
Laura Leff, PhD Kent State Univeristy - microbial ecology
Patrick Lorch, PhD Cleveland Metroparks -