2013 Forest Farming Workshop


Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21  


9am - 4:30pm


Reinberger Classroom


Ken Mudge, PhD, and Robert Beyfuss


$125 for both days and $75 for one day. Register early as space is limited.

Special Note

The majority of information presented during the first day of the workshop is similar to the information presented during last year's Forest Farming workshop. Day two of this year's workshop is entirely new information.

Class Code



Forest farming is a component of sustainable forest management that involves cultivation of foods, medicinals and ornamentals beneath the canopy of an existing forest. This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about productive conservation through forest farming. From Ken Mudge you will learn about cultivation of shiitake and other gourmet mushrooms. Other non timber forest products from ramps to fruit and nut trees will be covered, as well as the propagation of nut trees by grafting. Bob Beyfuss, known far and wide as Mr. Ginseng, will teach you how to grow American ginseng and other medicinal forest crops, and he will lead you on a wild mushroom foray in the woods. Both instructors will explore through indoor presentations the important elements of site considerations (infrastructure, resource management) and site assessment and design followed by on-site assessments of a woodland on Holden property to help you determine if your site is suitable for growing certain forest crops. Each participant will inoculate their own shitake log on the first day of the workshop. On day two, participants will graft an apple tree and receive a potted gingseng plant to take home. Please bring a brown bag lunch. Register early as space is limited.


Download a copy of the flyer.

Class Agenda

Day One
Day Two
9:15am   Introduction of participants 9:15am   Walnuts, hickories and other temperate nut trees
9:30am  Introduction to forest farming, agroforestry, and permaculture. 10am Grafting fruit and nut trees (hands on)
10:30am Natural Resource Income Opportunities 11am Forest cultivation of other mushrooms
11:30am Forest cultivation of shiitake mushrooms 11:30am Wild mushroom identification
12:30pm Lunch 12:30pm American ginseng and other forest medicinals
1pm Forest cultivation of oyster, lion’s mane and other mushrooms 1:30pm Lunch

Inoculate your own shiitake mushroom log

Watch the video of the 2012 class inoculating logs.

2pm American ginseng, continued.
3pm  Wild mushroom foray 3pm Grower case studies
4pm  Site assessment and design of a forest farming of non timber forest crop 3:30pm Cooking with non-timber forest products
5pm Adjourn for the day 4:30pm Q&A, conclusions
    4:45pm Adjourn



Mudge, an associate professor of horticulture at Cornell University, conducts workshops, online education programs and extensive research in the field of agroforestry in order to enhance rural economic development. Much of his work takes place at MacDaniels Nut Grove, an agroforestry research and education/demonstration center to the Cornell campus, developed in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources and Cornell Plantations.    


Beyfuss recently retired from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Greene County where he served as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leader and also as the New York State specialist for American Ginseng Production for Cornell University Cooperative Extension. He is the author of American Ginseng Production in NY State; The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng,a 65-page grower’s guide; Ginseng Production in Woodlots and The Economics of Woodland Ginseng Production, which were both published by the USDA National Agroforestry Center; Growing Gourmet Mushrooms from A to Z and Companion Planting.