2014 Winter Home Landscapes

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A Culinary Centerpiece

Date Wednesday, Dec. 11
Time 7 - 9pm
Location Reinberger Classroom
Instructor Lori Gogolin and Ann Rzepka
Cost $60 members, $75 nonmembers

Brighten your table with a seasonal centerpiece filled with herbs that can be used in your kitchen. The basket, filled with an assortment of living herbs, including rosemary and sage and nestled in a mossy bed is enhanced with woodland inspired decorations -- gilded pine cones, red twigged dogwood and other winter seasonal elements of your choosing.  While we will decorate the centerpiece for the holidays, a variety of additional plant materials and decorating ideas will be discussed to further enhance your basket as the seasons change. All tools for fashioning this project will be provided, including a 16.5” by 8” basket.  

Class Code ART408

Weed Appreciation 101

Date Saturday, Feb. 8
Time 1 - 3pm
Location Corning Classroom
Instructor Denise Ellsworth
Cost $15 members, $20 nonmembers

Many gardeners have a love-hate relationship with weeds. One person's weed, such as dandelions in the lawn, might be a useful plant, great for creating wine or attracting bees, to others. In this session, we'll practice identification of some of the most commonly encountered weeds in Ohio, including ways to identify some weeds in winter. We'll also share natural history, folklore and management strategies for some of the most popular weeds. Everyone is sure to leave with a greater appreciation for weeds as the ultimate survivors of the plant world.

Class Code HOR562

Raised Bed Gardening

Date Saturday, Feb. 22
Time 10am - noon
Location Corning Classroom
Instructor Rick Belding
Cost $20 members, $30 nonmembers

Do you ever wish you had an extra month or two to grow vegetables? Do you enjoy trying to maximize space with as much food production as possible? If so, join Belding, one of Holden's horticulturists, to discover best practices in raised bed gardening.  The class will cover the construction and proper placement of a 4' x 8' raised bed; what to grow, when to plant, and how to maximize yield. Extending the growing season will also be discussed. Tried and true construction plans will be given to each participant to make their own raised bed. Before coming to Holden, Belding oversaw the four acre Regenstein Fruit and Vegetable Garden at the world-renowned Chicago Botanic Garden.

Class Code HOR296

Fireside Lecture Series:Inspired by Nature


Take an armchair exploration this February when you attend one or all of these programs. Each speaker will highlight a particular aspect of nature that they are passionate about and share their creations that have emerged from their personal journeys connecting with nature. Refreshments served after each program where you will have a chance to speak with the presenter. Programs are free but registration is required.

Extreme Ear Training: From Music Theory to Birdsong  

Date Sunday, Feb. 9
Time 2 - 4pm
Location Thayer Center
Instructor Lisa Rainsong

What unique skill set could a music theory professor, professional soprano and composer bring to the field of natural history education? Ear training! The music of Earth's first musicians can be described, taught and learned in ways that are similar to human music identification techniques.  Rainsong uses those skills in her bird song, insect song, and amphibian song classes and field work. She will show you how musical language applies to bird song and will also explain how she makes her own field recordings of these singers.  You'll leave with a better understanding of some of those backyard bird songs you haven't quite been able to remember until now.

Class Code FSL400

Virtually Little Mountain

Date Sunday, Feb. 16
Time 2 - 4pm
Location Thayer Center
Instructor Pat Biliter

Little Mountain is a geologic, climatic and botanical outlier, a place that seems more akin to upstate New York or central Ontario than to Ohio.  This low hill is marked by unique soils, unusual climate, rare plants, interesting landforms, and a rich cultural history. Come and take a virtual tour of the deeply shaded crevasses and old growth forests of Little Mountain, as Biliter, Holden natural area guide and geologist, shares images of this small, fascinating and somewhat mysterious part of The Holden Arboretum.  If you've always wanted to explore Little Mountain and felt it was too rigorous of a hike for you then this is your chance. Join us for an exploration of the human and natural history of this amazing natural area.

Class Code FSL500

Joshua Clarks' Moments in Nature

Date Sunday, Feb. 23
Time 2 - 4pm
Location Thayer Center
Instructor Joshua Clark

Join Clark, a self-taught nature and wildlife photographer who resides in Northeast Ohio, as he takes you through some of his more memorable moments in nature. Through each exquisite image Clark attempts to portray a story, capturing the pure essence of the moment.  This hour program is sure to delight bird and nature enthusiasts alike as Clark shares his experiences in nature and how he photographically approaches his subjects in the field. 

Class Code FSL600