School Guide Volunteer



Spring and Fall are peak times for school groups

Weekdays between 10am and 2pm

Volunteers generally lead tours once or twice a week


Become a Holden school guide and see nature through a child’s eyes.

Lead elementary school age students through one of Holden’s forests and help them discover some of the many components that make up a forest or pond community.


Pick and choose the tours you lead. Tours include:


Forest Discovery

Sip from the fountain of youth as you help children experience the freshness of a forest first hand. Teach children about trees and the animals that find food and shelter in the forest.


Life on the Edge of a Pond

Our Education Department has whipped up a truly interactive and organic outdoor excursion. Life on the edge of a pond is sizzling with activity. Jump right in and help children as they use nets to search for tadpoles, snails and dragonfly nymphs.


Big Trees

Math is a tasty treat when enjoyed outdoors. Guides help students document our biggest trees during this hands-on program. Math concepts are baked into a true data-collecting situation.


Stories in the Garden

Fresh picked from nature each month, read stories illustrating the wonders of the natural world to spellbound young audiences. A craft or activity enhances the experience. Topics include: insects, fall color, furry animals, evergreens, snow and birds to name just a few.



This is better than s’mores cooked on an open fire! Relive your Girl or Boy Scout memories by lending a hand to our future generation working toward earning nature badges.



  • Interest in working with children
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to engage in moderate outdoor activity
  • New volunteer orientation
  • Background check
  • School guide training (four to six hours)
  • Annual refresher training (four to six hours)
A Holden School Guide meets with a visiting class Students take a closer look at what lives on the forest floor Getting ready to explore at Holden

Volunteers show children the wonders of nature.


Please contact the Volunteer Office at 440.602.8003 or for more information.