Featured Volunteer Opportunities


To sign-up or for more information about any of the following opportunities and training, contact the volunteer office at 440.602.8003 or by email at rott@holdenarb.org (unless noted otherwise).


Holiday Greens Family Volunteer Day

Saturday, Dec. 3, 10am - Noon

Long Science Center - 9717 Mitchell's Mill Rd., Chardon

Come and make a festive tablepiece or swag for the holiday season with your kids or grandkids, and spread the holiday spirit by making another for patients at an area hospital! Ages PreK & up are welcome. We will provide natural materials from the Arboretum. Bring ribbons or other items you'd like to incorporate into your decoration, or your own container to fill. Adults - please bring extra pruning shears if you have them. Donations welcome for supplies.

Space is limited; pre-registration required to Robin at 440.602.8003 or rott@holdenarb.org

Goose Management at the Arboretum

On-going, February - April

Come get regular exercise during the early winter months while lending a hand to our conservation department! Geese cause damage to the Arboretum's gardens, create a nuisance with their feces, and can become aggressive once eggs are laid. During low light conditions, a laser pointed near a goose when it is dark will scare the goose and make it fly away. Sarting mid-February, volunteers are needed once or twice a week to walk around in pairs at dawn (6-7am) or twilight (7-8pm) and use provided laser pointers to discourage geese from nesting around our ponds and Corning Lake. On-the-job training provided and day of the week is flexible.

Apply online or get more information by contacting the volunteer office at 440.602.8003 or rott@holdenarb.org

Spring Volunteer Open House

Wednesday, March 1, 4-6:30pm

Corning Visitor Center - 9550 Sperry Rd., Kirtland

Whether you have a passion for plants or people, discover how you can make a difference and connect with a community of nature lovers. Learn about all of our current Holden Forests & Gardens volunteer opportunities and talk to staff and volunteers at our annual volunteer recruitment event.

There is no cost to attent. Register online or contact the volunteer office at 440.602.8003 or rott@holdenarb.org

Canopy Walk & Emergent Tower Interpreters

Training: March TBD

Shifts start in May: Tuesdays & Saturdays, 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm & 3-5pm; Monday, Wednesday & Sunday, 11am-1pm & 1-3pm and Thursdays, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm & 5-8pm (June-August)

Members and visitors enjoy an immersive experience like no other on the Arboretum's Murch Canopy Walk and Kalberer Emergent Tower. The Canopy Walk is a 500' long elevated walkway built 65' above the forest floor. There are four suspension bridges with four platforms between them. Nearby is the Emergent Tower, featuring 220 stairs, that takes guests above the trees to a height of 120 feet. Interpreters are stationed at key points to educate guests, answer questions and provide customer and staff assistance to help provide a memorable experience. Meet people from all over the world and enjoy volunteering in a setting like no other! Volunteers should be comfortable interacting with the public and have good communication skills, and physically capable of walking to/from the structure (about 3/4 mile total), standing for periods of time and climbing stairs (if stationed at Tower).

Apply online or get more information by contacting the volunteer office at 440.602.8003 or rott@holdenarb.org



This page is updated as new volunteer opportunities arise. Be sure to check often. Thank you.