How to Start Your Own Victory Garden–Step 1: Starting & Sowing Your Seeds

By Dawn Gerlica, Lantern Court Horticulturist About Victory Gardens During World War I and II, citizens were encouraged to plant backyard gardens to help reduce the need to ration food. These gardens were known as Victory Gardens. Whether it is due to people having more time on their hands because of ‘stay home’ orders or […]

Holden Forests & Gardens’ Operation Tulip brings smiles and tears

Tulips (Tulipa) form a genus of spring-blooming perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes. The flowers are usually large and brightly colored shades of red, pink, yellow, or white. Tulips are one of the world’s most popular flowers and a welcome sign of spring. Each October, the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s horticulture staff plants tens of thousands of tulips […]

For the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day: Renew Respectful Connections to the Natural World

“Perhaps as we are forced now to pause from our normal routine and the connections with our human communities, we can take the time to explore and rekindle new connections to nature and the life we share this planet with.” -David Burke, Ph.D., Vice President for Science and Conservation, Holden Forests & Gardens I am […]

Long-term Research in Forest Ecology in Stebbins Gulch

By David Burke, Ph.D. Vice President for Science and Conservation for Holden Forests & Gardens We began our long-term climate research in Stebbins Gulch in 2006. Our goal was to monitor how plants and soil fungi that associate with plant roots (called mycorrhizal fungi) respond to changes in air and soil temperature and moisture. This shows one […]

Spring Ephemerals…Now You See Them, Soon You Won’t

By Rebecah Troutman, HF&G Natural Areas Biologist One of the early signs of life after a seemingly long winter is spring ephemerals. What is a spring ephemeral? A spring ephemeral is a wildflower that comes up in early Spring (once the temperature is warm enough), gets pollinated, and goes dormant within a few weeks after […]

Meet Caroline Tait – Holden Forests & Gardens welcomes a new vice president of horticulture and collections.

By Kristen Hampshire Capturing the wonder of outdoors is a pastime and profession for Caroline Tait, who recalls childhood days pottering with grandparents in the garden and exploring nature in her native England. “I was always drawn to spending time outside in all kinds of weather — I would lie in the grass in the […]

A world-class experience isn’t complete without the lively creatures that call Holden Forests & Gardens home.

By Rebecca Thompson, Manager of Academic Programs Small, but sweet and filled with life, Arcilochus colubris, or ruby-throated hummingbirds, are but one of the magnificent aerial wonders visitors can discover at Holden Forests & Gardens (HF&G). Native to open, deciduous woodlands of eastern North America, these birds are typically seen flying acrobatically around forest edges, […]