Art Gallery in Visitor Center

Art Abloom: by Stefanie Verish

On display starting September 1st

Lyndhurst-based Stefanie Verish calls herself a “naturalist-artist” because her work is an interpretation of nature’s wonders. Her driving mission and personal inspiration is “nature in art, art in nature”. From a glimmer of sunshine through a leaf, to the gills of a mushroom, she uses art to convey the seldom noticed and rarely appreciated side of the natural world.

Her artistic influences include the Canadian wildlife painter Robert Bateman and Frederic Church of the Hudson River School. With a similar respect for realism, Stefanie uses a variety of media to recreate the textures and colors she sees.

Stefanie spends her days as a naturalist in the education department at the Cleveland Metroparks North Chagrin Nature Center. There she
teaches classes, creates art for park projects, and leads hikes through the woods. She also works as a freelance artist and creates novels with her husband Matthew, via their company Night Apple Creations.

For more information about Stefanie, please visit the website