Landscape Bulletins

The Holden Arboretum has developed a series of Landscape Bulletins that offer a wide range of information on horticultural, gardening and landscape topics. If you do not have download capabilities, printed Landscape Bulletins are available at the Corning Visitor Center for a nominal fee.

These Landscape Bulletins require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Don’t have the reader? You can download one here.

See the plants used to attract butterflies in the the Arlene and Arthur S. Holden Jr. Butterfly Garden. Host list.

A multi-year, multi-site disease survey of 126 deciduous azalea cultivars and 14 species was recently published by a team of researchers from Holden, Purdue University and the University of Minnesota. See which species showed a resistance to powdery mildew disease.

Bulletin 1: Selecting Plants for the Home Landscape
Bulletin 2: Planting Trees Shrubs
Bulletin 3: Growing Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Bulletin 4: Viburnums Mean Variety
Bulletin 5: Landscaping Where Deer Roam
Bulletin 6: Landscaping for Butterflies
Bulletin 7: Ornamental Grasses
Bulletin 8: Protecting Trees During WoodLot Construction
Bulletin 9: Hummingbirds
Bulletin 10: Gypsy Moth Defense Strategies
Bulletin 11: Flowering Crabapples
Bulletin 12: Native Bees in the Backyard
Bulletin 13: Versatile Vines
Bulletin 14: Organic_Mulches
Bulletin 15: Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
Bulletin 16: Pruning Deciduous Trees
Bulletin 17: Pruning Tools
Bulletin 18: Composting
Bulletin 19: Staking
Bulletin 20: Hedge Pruning
Bulletin 21: The Eastern Bluebird