Research in the Working Woods

Research students
Working Woods is also providing training opportunities for research interns.

Working Woods is a collaboration between the Conservation, Community Forestry, Education and Research Departments. As such, Holden Arboretum is uniquely positioned to investigate exactly how and if forest management is working over time.

Research in Working Woods is happening in plots where different treatments are applied. While the Woods displays forest management practices for visitors, the plots will also be used to generate data quantifying the impact of these practices on the structure and function of the forest. How much faster will trees grow in these managed forests? How many more plant and animal species will they harbor? How effective will they be at storing carbon?

Holden Forests & Gardens scientists and collaborators at Cleveland State University have been collecting data in the Working Woods to quantify changes in tree growth and biodiversity because of proper forest management. The site has also been a training ground for the next generation of scientists. Since work started on the project, seven high school and college students have interned in the Working Woods, honing their research skills in this living laboratory.