Tips for Perennial Trimming

Week of March 23, 2020

Annie Rzepka, Horticulturist, is out this week near Blueberry Pond cutting back perennials of all kinds. Here are some tips on how to trim a Hellebore, more commonly know as a Lenten Rose.

Tips for trimming back a perennial plant:

  1. Gather the tools you will need for job – pruners, bucket and garden gloves.
  2. Carefully remove leaf litter to reveal the base of the Hellebore or other perennial.
  3. Cut the stems as close to the ground as possible to remove the old, damaged leaves being careful to not accidentally snip off the new flowers or new leaf growth.
  4. Place the cut leaves into the bucket.
  5. Once you have cut back all the old foliage, gently redistribute the leaf litter around the base of the plant to lightly cover any new seedlings.
  6. Step back and take a look at your beautiful flowers before moving on to your next plant.
  7. Enjoy!

Fun Tip: If you accidentally snip off flower you can put it in a bowl with water to enjoy in your home – they look lovely floating!