Cell Phone Tours

Your Cell Phone Is Your Guide

Garden Guide Smartphone Tours

Holden Forests and Garden’s mobile education tool is stocked with thought-provoking self-guided tours at each campus, each equipped with videos, audio clips, useful resources and more! Tours change seasonally so be sure to visit often to try out each tour.

Scan the QR code below or Use this link to access our Guide by Cell program with your smart phone web browser.

Current Tours:

  • Seeing the Forest Through Trees – Forests are much more than a collection of trees. They are central to life on Earth. Forest ecosystems are rich in biodiversity and rely on each part, from soil to fungi, to flourish. Accounting for one-third of all U.S. lands, forests are an incredibly important resource, but also one that is under threat. Follow this tour along the Woodland Trail to learn more about forests and how you can help them thrive.
  • Habitat Hunt – A habitat is where animals find food and build their homes. They need homes for the same reasons we do – homes keep us dry, safe, and warm. Animals have different habitats, depending on their needs. Start across from the Wildflower Garden entrance and follow the path past the Habitat Hut and onto the Woodland Trail to see how different animals in Northeast Ohio make their habitat a home.

Listen and Learn Audio Tours

Explore the interesting features in the gardens and discover something new with Listen & Learn, your personal audio tour guide at Holden Forests and Gardens. Simply call in with the provided number (440.710.5096), dial the prompt number and press the pound (#) key.

Individual Listen & Learn prompts are marked by bright green signs. These prompts cover a myriad of topics, from horticulture to history. Themed audio tours are also available. Tours and Listen & Learns change seasonally, so be sure to visit often to try out each tour.

Current Tours:

  • Plant Stories – Follow this path through the Main Display Garden to learn more about the tree diversity we have here at the Holden Arboretum. Hear about trees from all over the world and learn how we acquire new trees and care for our collection. Look for the first Plant Stories sign near the entrance to the Holden Hedge Collection to get started!
  • Exploring Diversity – Be a plant explorer and discover the diversity of rhododendrons in the Layer Rhododendron Garden. As you re-discover this garden, learn more about notable discoveries and ongoing research about this fascinating plant family. Pick-up a brochure near the entrance to the Murch Canopy Walk to get started!