Trail Map


Bole Woods Loop (Red Trail) – 1.5 miles – A National Natural Landmark, visit this mature beech-maple forest. Access from the Corning Lake Loop.

Conifer Trail (Lavender Trail) – 1.5 miles – A meadow walk through our conifer collection. View stunning vistas and field nesting birds.

Corning Lake Loop (Yellow Trail) – 1.5 miles – Explore the shoreline of Corning Lake and Fordham Island.

Strong Acres Loop – .75 miles – Explore the meadows for field nesting birds. Access from the Old Valley Trail.

Woodland Trail (Orange Trail) – 1.5 miles – A self-guided journey through the woods. Pick up a brochure at the Corning Visitor Center or at the start of the trail. Stop and relax at Meditation Point along the way.


Display Garden – Beautiful tree specimens and landscape plants, along with the hedge and lilac collection.

Holden Butterfly Garden – Learn why pollinators are important and what attracts them.

Layer Rhododendron Garden – Home to a wide variety of rhododendrons, azaleas and companion plants displayed under a canopy of mature oak and hickory trees.

Paine Rhododendron Display Garden – And inspirational showplace of landscape ideas and information about rhododendrons.

Other Points Of Interest

Corning Visitor Center – Includes our information desk, Treehouse gift shop and the Corning Library, as well as restrooms and a first aid station.

Blueberry Pond Loop and Buckeye Bud’s Adventure Woods – A great area for families to observe aquatic wildlife and play in nature.

Daus Memorial – A serene overlook where guests can learn about the importance of forest birds and test their tree identification skills.

Habitat Hut – filled with activities to help young children explore a bog, prairie, stream and woodland.

Kalberer Emergent Tower – Climb to the top of this 120′ foot structure for a panoramic view of two of our region’s precious natural resources, our native forests and Lake Erie.

Murch Canopy Walk – Enjoy an immersive exploration of the forest and tree canopy on this 500′ elevated walkway.

Offutt Memorial Boardwalk – Accessible from the Woodland Trail, the boardwalk is a great pace to see native flora and explore the banks of Pierson Creek.

Restrooms located at the Corning Visitor Center and the Paine Rhododendron Garden.

Learn more about the Arboretum’s gardens